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God – I’m DepressedMost Christians face the same problems non-Christians face. However, many Christians are unaware that God has provided principles in His Word to help handle life's pressures and problems.
You have to understand and examine some of man's basic problems in the light of God's Word. I am aware that simplistic answers do not solve the sticky problems of everyday life. I am also aware that there are some Scriptural principles that deal effectively with problems of all kinds.
     No single problem stands alone. Usually it is inter-related with others.
     Taking time to think about the above problems I started with number one "I'm depressed."
GOD  - I'M TemptedTemptation has been defined as "an effort to try to persuade, induce, entice especially to something sensually pleasurable or immoral." It means "to arouse a desire." Basically, temptation is that inner voice that says "go ahead and do it" when you know you should not.
     Like a story been told of a man hunted in vain for a park­ing space and in desperation left his car in a no parking zone with a note on the windshield: "I’ve circled this block ten times and I have an appointment to keep or lose my job. Forgive us our trespasses."
GOD - I FEEL GUILTYHave you ever said, "I feel so guilty because I ---------------" Of course you have. We all face the problem of guilt.
     Because we have a conscience, guilt is a problem. Conscience has been balled by many "the voice of God within us--­the knowing part of man which agrees with God's revelations of right and wrong. "It was created in us by God to operate ac­cording to divine law. Since the testimony of conscience rests upon divine law, it's beyond our control.
GOD I'M WORRIEDWorry has been defined as anxiety - a state of being un­easy or apprehensive about what may happen. The definition suggests a mental distress of agitation over some problem. Un­easiness of mind results from facing responsibilities or pro­blems we feel incapable of handling. I've heard it said, "Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble."
     In the New Testament, "Worry" (Merimna) means "to divide." which comes from the Greek verb MERIZO. People who worry are "divided" - mentally torn apart.
     Just reading the newspapers exposes us to a multitude of problems capable of producing worry. Sometimes we feel we're sitting on a pile of gunpowder while world leaders play with matches.
     Inflation is another problem to worry about. While we watch our money buy less and less, we wonder how to feed and clothe our families on a shrinking income.
GOD I'M LONELY SEVERAL years ago, a popular television series called Gilligan's Island dramatized one of society's gnawing problems. The series centered around the comical and usually frantic efforts of a group of castaways to extricate themselves from their small uncharted island. Between the emotional tides of high hopes and subsequent failures, they dived a relatively normal life. But with each failure, one sensed the group's despair. Life went on as they continually contrived ingenious ways of coping with their situation, and all the while hoping to contact the outside world. They frequently came close to freedom, but their efforts were always thwarted. It seemed they were condemned to live forever as marooned castaways on their lonely island.
     I watched with the kids and laughed at the comical efforts of Gilligan and his gang; but inwardly, each episode struck a responsive and emotional chord. Most of us can identify with their plight because at times we all feel like castaways. Though we carry on our normal activities, we feel isolated from the rest of the world. At times it seems the whole world pass­es by our island of loneliness without seeing our frantic distress signals.
GOD I'M AFRAIDMany people feel they'll get rid of fear as they grow older. but because fear is one of the base emotions of the human heart, we never seem to be completely free of it.
     The dictionary gives three different shades of meaning to fear: (1) Fear is a feeling of anxiety and agitation caused by the presence or nearness of danger. Practically speaking, its the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you're called in to see the boss after doing something wrong! (2) Fear is a feeling of uneasiness. For example, when your teen­ager isn't in by curfew you're afraid something has happened to him. (3) Fear is also a feeling of a respectful awe or dread ----as when you encounter a snake.
     Fear is an emotional response which is consciously recog­nized, stimulated usually by some real threat. Fear is the tense feeling which grips you when you are faced with the tough problems of life. Have you ever felt your emotions were like taut guitar strings? Fear stretches your emotions and leaves you feeling all wound up.
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