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GOD I'M BORED Have you, like most, ever wondered how different life would be if you could follow the wind and find yourself on a sandy South Sea island riding the wild surf off Hawaii sitting astride a camel by an Egyptian pyramid? But being in exotic places, doing exciting things, and hob­nobbing with glamorous people is not part of our daily routine. The more we think about the excitement of travel, the more painful is the awareness that we're trapped by life's daily drag. Life isn't exciting ---- its monotonous! The more our world closes in on us, the more frantic we seek to climb out of the rut by indulging in daydreams. But try as we might, we can't dream ourselves out of the rut. 
    Have you ever said, "I'm bored to death with the life I'm living. I never do anything or go anywhere that's exciting?" 
    Most of us have made this confidential confession to a trusted friend; but, have you ever said to God, "God I'm bored with my life?"
GOD I'M DISAPPOINTEDDisappointment is one of the frustrating problems each of us must face. Often I hear people say, "He disappointed me so much." Or have you ever said to someone, "I'M so dis­appointed in you?" Or even more pointed, "God I'm dis­appointed." Maybe you like so many just thought it to your­self without mentioning it to any one for fear of the disap­pointment of not being understood. 
    If we are to face life realistically, we will have to grapple with the problem of disappointment. It can't be ignored.
     What happens inside when we say we are disappointed? The dictionary says it means "to be made unhappy by the failure of one's hopes or expectations." Disappointment then is the sinking feeling we get when our plans blow up in our faces.
GOD I'M BITTERI've heard it said "---most of our problems are human problems." This simple statement hits the nail squarely on the head. People are the cause of most of our problems!
     Just think of it ---if we no longer had people, prejudice would be erased; wars would cease; pollution and overpopulation would no longer be problems.
     Lets face it, our humanness causes most of our problems We are bundles of potential problems looking for a place to happen.
     One of the deep problems of human life is bitterness. In his letter to the Ephesians believers, Paul addresses himself to this problem. He deals with the "gut" issues of unity, theft, lying, malice, and to "put off the old man and put on the new man." (Ephesians 4:22-24) Then the fourth chapter of Ephesians closes, Paul zeroes in on the thorny problem of bitterness.
     As we examine the context of these verses concerning bitterness, we see that anger has a place in the life of the Christian. "Be angry, and yet do not sin ---" (Ephesians 4:26). God permits the believer to become angry. But don't go over­board; anger is permitted, not commanded.
GOD  -  I HAVE DOUBTSFrequently people say, "When I get to heaven, I'm going to ask Paul what he meant when he said ----", or "I want to ask Peter what possessed him to deny the Lord the night of His trial"; or "I want to ask the apostle John what it was like to be close to Jesus."
    Many desire to have an audience with some great men of the Bible in order to satisfy a personal curiosity. But I've never heard anyone say, "When I get to heaven, I want to talk to Thomas."
    Why should anyone want to talk with Thomas? We know he is called "Doubting Thomas", and is the one people think of as unbelieving. What could we learn from him?
     Nevertheless, we shouldn't write off Thomas because we probably have as much (or more) in common with him than any other person in the Bible! He is the man whose faith faltered ----who had honest questions and doubts concerning Jesus Christ. Because his problem is recorded, we can all learn from his experience.
GOD -  I'M PROUDOne afternoon Goethe and Beethoven chatted and strolled to­gether in the valley. As they walked, passersby saluted, pointed them out, and bowed with ostentations deference.
     "Isn't it maddening?" exclaimed Goethe. "I simply can't escape this homage."
     "Don't be too much distressed by it," said Beethoven. "It is just possible that some of it may be for me."
     If this story is true, Goethe, the great German poet, was suf­fering from a rather advanced case of pride! None dare question the poetic ability of Goethe, this is an established fact. But in the presence of an equally great man -- Beethoven -- to assume that homage was to him alone was a mark of crass human pride. Beethoven did a masterful job of deflating Goethe's ego.
GOD -  I DON'T WANT TO DIE How can we get into this one, no one really wants to die, deep inside of their selves. Most will do anything to keep from dying or being kill. Though some call Death a friend as they grow older, they feel its the only peace they may ever have. The choice is to escape either way from frying or from life.
     Maybe a little story comes to mind that might help. There was a wealthy householder who sent his servant into the market place to buy food for a banquet. When the servant came to the market place, he saw Death. Terrified he fled and returned to his master and said, "Master, I just saw Death in the market place. Please let me borrow your horse and flee way up into the hills where I will hide in a cave."
    Later the same day the master went to the market place and he too saw Death. he approached Death and said, "Death, why did you frighten my servant so today?
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