The 10 Commandments
(Exodus 20:1-17 NIV)

God brought the Israelites to Mount Sinai and God spoke to Moses from the mountain. This is what God said:

"Now if you obey me fully
and keep my covenant. . .
you will be a . . .  _ _ _ _ nation."
(Exodus 19:5,6)

The Israelites agreed to obey. God had Moses come up the mountain where he gave him the 10 Commandments.

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Write the number of the Commandment in the blank in front of their meanings below.

__ Use God's name only in ways
       that honor Him.
__ Be satisfied with what you have.
__ Do not kill anyone.
__ Worship God only. Do not worship
       things that people make.
__ Do not take what belongs to
       someone else.
__ Love only your own husband
       or wife.

__ Do not worship or serve any
       except me.
__ Keep one day a week for God.
__ Love and obey your parents.
__ Do not lie about other people.