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Course #TitleBookVerse
164Zacharias and ElizabethLuke1:5-25
165Gabriel Visits MaryLuke1:26-38
166The Birth of John the BaptistLuke1:39-80
167The Birth of JesusLuke2:1-7
168Angels Appear to ShepherdsLuke2:8-20
169Simeon and AnnaLuke2:25-38
170The Wise MenMatthew2:1-12
171Escape to EgyptMatthew2:13-23
172The Boy Jesus Visits the TempleLuke2:39-52
173John the BaptistLuke3:1-22
174John Baptizes JesusMark1:1-11
175Jesus is TemptedMatthew4:1-11
176Jesus Turns Water Into WineJohn2:1-12
177The Cleansing of the TempleJohn2:13-22
178Jesus and NicodemusJohn3:1-21
179The Fishers of MenLuke5:1-11; 6:12-16
180Through the RoofMark2:1-12
181Jesus Heals a Crippled HandLuke6:6-11
182The BeatitudesMatthew5:1-12
183Love Your EnemiesMatthew5:43-48
184The Woman at the WellJohn4:1-42
185Healing the Nobleman's SonJohn4:46-54
186Rejection at NazarethMark6:1-6
187The House Built on the RockMatthew7:24-29
188The Pool at BethesdaJohn5:1-15
189The Healing of the Centurion's ServantLuke7:1-10
190The Son of the Widow of NainLuke7:11-17
191Anointing Jesus' FeetLuke7:36-50
192Parable of the SowerLuke8:4-18
193Jesus Calms a StormMatthew8:23-27
194Parable of Wheat & TaresMatthew13:24-30,36-43
195Parables of the Treasure & the PearlMatthew13:44-46
196The Daughter of JairusLuke8:40-56
197Feeding the 5,000John6:1-14
198Jesus Walks on the WaterMark6:45-52
199The TransfigurationMatthew17:1-13
200Jesus and the ChildrenMark10:13-16
201The Promise of the Holy SpiritJohn7:37-39
202Who is the Greatest?Matthew18:1-5
203The Parable of the Lost SheepMatthew18:10-14
204The Adulterous WomanJohn8:1-12
205Jesus Heals the Blind ManJohn9:1-41
206The Good ShepherdJohn10:1-21
207Jesus Raises LazarusJohn11:1-44
208The Good SamaritanLuke10:25-37
209Jesus Visits Mary and MarthaLuke10:38-42
210The Prodigal SonLuke15:11-32
211The Rich Man and LazarusLuke16:19-31
212Jesus Heals Ten LepersLuke17:11-19
213The Pharisee and the PublicanLuke18:9-14
214The Rich Young RulerLuke18:18-27
215Parable of the Workers in the VineyardMatthew20:1-16
217Jesus Heals Blind BartimaeusMark10:46-52
218A Story About InvestingLuke19:11-27
219Mary Anoints Jesus' FeetJohn12:1-8
220The Triumphal Entry Into JerusalemMatthew21:1-11
221Jesus Cleanses the Temple AgainLuke19:45-48
222The Parable of the Two SonsMatthew21:28-32
223The Parable of The Evil VinedressersMatthew21:33-46
224The Great CommandmentMark12:28-34
225The Widow's MiteLuke21:1-4
226Signs, End of the Age & the TribulationMatthew24:3-28
227The Second ComingMatthew24:27-31
228The Parable of the Ten MaidensMatthew25:1-13
229The Last SupperLuke22:7-20
230The Master Becomes a ServantJohn13:1-17
231The Way, the Truth and the LifeJohn14:1-6
232The True VineJohn15:1-11
233The Garden of GethsemaneLuke22:39-53
234Judas Betrays JesusLuke22:47-53
235Peter's DenialJohn18:15-18,25-27
236The Sanhedrin, Herod & PilateLuke22:66-23:25
237Jesus is CrucifiedLuke23:26-49
238Jesus is Risen!Mark16:1-11
239Peter and John Visit Jesus' TombJohn20:1-10
240The Road to EmmausLuke24:13-35
241Thomas DoubtsJohn20:24-29
242Jesus Helps Catch FishJohn21:1-14
243Jesus Restores PeterJohn21:15-19
244The AscensionLuke24:44-53
245The Day of PentecostActs2:1-41
246The Early ChurchActs2:42-47; 4:32-37
247Peter and John Heal a Lame ManActs3:1-26
248Peter and John Arrested and ReleasedActs4:1-31
249Ananias and SapphiraActs5:1-11
251Philip and the EthiopianActs8:26-40
252Saul is ConvertedActs8:1-4; 9:1-22
253Peter Raises TabithaActs9:36-43
254Peter and CorneliusActs10:1-8, 24-48
255Peter's VisionActs10:9-16
256The Church in AntiochActs11:19-30
257Peter is Released From PrisonActs12:1-19
258Paul's First Missionary JourneyActs12:25-13:52
259The Jerusalem CouncilActs15:1-29
260Timothy Joins Paul and SilasActs16:1-5
261The Call to MacedoniaActs16:6-10
262Paul and Silas are ImprisonedActs16:16-40
263To The Unknown GodActs17:16-34
264The Riot at EphesusActs19:11-41
265Paul is Arrested in the TempleActs21:26-22:29
266Paul is Sent to FelixActs23:23-24:27
267Paul Goes Before AgrippaActs25:13-26:32
268Voyage to RomeActs27:1-12
269Shipwreck at MaltaActs27:13-28:16
270Paul's Ministry in RomeActs28:17-31
271Paul Writes About FaithRomans3:21-5:5
272There is Therefore Now No CondemnationRomans8:1-12
273Sharing the GospelRomans10:1-11:36
274Be a Living Sacrifice to GodRomans12:1-15:13
275God's Call-That No Flesh Should Glory1 Corinthians1:26-31
276Running the Race1 Corinthians9:24-27
277Spiritual Gifts1 Corinthians12:1-31;14:1-40
278The Gift of Love1 Corinthians13:1-13
279Our Glorious New Bodies1 Corinthians15:35-57
280In Christ, We Are a New Creation2 Corinthians5:14-21
281The Churches of Macedonia are Giving2 Corinthians8:1-7
282The Fruit of the SpiritGalations5:22-26
283Sowing and ReapingGalations6:6-10
284By Grace Through FaithEphesians2:1-10
285Our Chief CornerstoneEphesians2:19-22
286The Whole Armor of GodEphesians6:10-20
287The Excellence of the Knowledge of ChristPhilippians3:3-11
288The Christian HomeColossians3:18-4:6
289The Day of the Lord1 Thessalonians4:13-5:11
290Pray for All Men1 Timothy2:1-7
291The Last Days2 Timothy3:1-9
292Demas Forsakes Paul2 Timothy4:9-21
293Heirs of GraceTitus3:1-8
294Paul Writes to PhilemonPhilemon1:1-25
295Our Great High PriestHebrews4:14-5:11
296The Just Live by FaithHebrews10:26-39
297Faith Without Works is DeadJames2:14-26
298Concerning the Fiery Trials1 Peter4:12-19
299Submit to God, Resist the Devil1 Peter5:5-11
300False Prophets2 Peter2:1-22
301As a Thief in the Night2 Peter3:10-13
302Walking in the Light1 John1:5-10
303Let Us Love One Another1 John4:7-16
304John Hears the Voice as of a TrumpetRevelation1:9-19
305The Seven ChurchesRevelation1:20-3:22
306The Throne Room of HeavenRevelation4:1-11
307Jesus Takes the ScrollRevelation5:1-14
308The Seven SealsRevelation6:1-17; 8:1-6
309The Sealed ServantsRevelation7:1-8
310Martyrs of the Great TribulationRevelation7:9-17
311The Seven TrumpetsRevelation8:7-9:21;11:15-9
312The Two WitnessesRevelation11:1-14
313The Woman, the Child and the DragonRevelation12:1-17
314Jesus and the 144,000Revelation14:1-5
315The Seven BowlsRevelation15:7-16:21
316The Fall of BabylonRevelation18:1-24
317The Marriage Supper of the LambRevelation19:6-9
318Christ Defeats the Armies of the BeastRevelation19:11-21
319The MillenniumRevelation20:1-6
320The Lake of FireRevelation20:7-10,14-15
321The Great White Throne JudgmentRevelation20:11-15
322A New Heaven and A New EarthRevelation21:1-7
323The New JerusalemRevelation21:9-27
324The River of LifeRevelation22:1-5
325I Come QuicklyRevelation22:6-17, 20-21