A NEW Series from Tom Kerry

A NEW Multi Part Series

Smemitahs Cycles

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The Shemitahs
"Gateway to the Millennium"

This is Tom Kerry's NEWEST SERIES.  It goes into the Shemitahs. He Tom talks the complexity of God's 7's and using them to lead us to His Kingdom. And covers events in time just before the millennium.

 By: Tom Kerry
October 2022

Doomsday Clock
"90 Seconds Till Midnight"
Tom Kerry speaks about how the Doomsday Clock is related to Biblical Prophecy and God's Time Line. A NEW 3 Part Series

 By: Tom Kerry
February 2023

God's Place of Safety
Sealing the Elect
Part 3
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Given by Tom Kerry
January 2023
Approaching Our
Waters of Marah

A 3 Part Series
Given by Tom Kerry
April 2023
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Given by Tom Kerry
May, 2023