A Bride for Isaac
Genesis 24

Sarah, Isaac's mother, had died, Abraham was getting older and Isaac had grown up. It was time for Isaac to find a wife. Abraham told his chief servant Eliezer to "go to my country and my own realatives and get her a son for my son Isaac." Read Genesis 24 NIV to find out about Eliezer's search for a wife for Isaac.

Lead Eliezer to Rebekah in the maze below.

After Eliezer found Rebekah and realized that she was the one that the LORD had chosen for Isaac, he gave her gifts of gold jewlery. She took him to her father's house where Eliezer asked her father, Bethuel, if Rebekah could come back with him to marry Isaac. To find out what Bethuel said read Genesis 24:50 (NIV) and fill in the blanks.

"Here is __ __ __ __ __ __ __; __ __ __ __ her and __ __, and let her
become the __ __ __ __ of your __ __ __ __ __ __'__
__ __ __,
as the __ __ __ __ has directed."