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Daniel in the Lions Den
Daniel 6 (NIV)

Another faithful Hebrew who was taken off captive to Babylon was Daniel. He was taken captive as a young man and God blessed him. During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar with God's help he was able to interpret a dream for the king. As a reward the king made Daniel ruler over all the other wise men. Daniel ruled in Babylon a long time and God blessed him. Eventually the city of Babylon was captured by the Medes. The king of the Medes was named Darius. He liked Daniel and made Daniel his chief ruler. This did not make everyone happy. Some were jealous of Daniel. Read the 6th chapter of Daniel to find out what they did to try to hurt Daniel and how God protected him. Solve the crossword puzzle below.

1. God protected Daniel because he had __________ in God. (vs. 23)

4.  Darius appointed 120 _________ to rule throughout the kingdom. (vs. 1)

6.  Because of the decree Darius was forced to have Daniel thrown into the _______ den. (vs. 16)

8.  After Daniel was removed from the lions den Darius issued a 2nd decree that the people in his kingdom should ____________ the God of Daniel. (vs. 26)

10.  Daniel ignored the kings decree and  _________  each day to God. (vs. 10)

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2. Daniel was _________________. (vs. 4)
3.  The king planned to make _____________ ruler over his whole kingdom. (vs. 3)
5.  God _________ the mouths of the lions so that Daniel was not hurt. (vs. 21)
7.  In the morning Darius went to see what had happened to Daniel in the lions ______. (vs. 19)
9.  King Darius made a __________ that no one was to worship or pray to any god or man during the next 30 days except to the king. (vs. 9)