Exploring Canaan
Moses sent out 12 spies into the Land of Canaan which God had promised to Israel.
Numbers 13 (NIV)  tells about their trip into Canaan and their report when they came back.

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3. In Numbers 14:5-9, _________ and Caleb tell the people that they should enter the Land of Canaan because "the LORD is with us."

4. The Spies brought back pomegranates and _______. (vs.23)

7. The Spies reported that the land of Canaan flowed with milk and ________. (vs.27)

8. They brought back a branch with a single cluster of  _________. (vs.23)

9. When the Spies came back they reported to the whole ___________ community. (vs.26)

1. They said that the people who lived in the Land of Canaan were very ____________. (vs.28)

2. _______ said that they should go in and take possession of the Land. (vs.30)

5. Ten of the spies said "we can't attack them. . . they are ____________ than us. (vs.31 )

6. The 12 spies explored the land of Canaan for ____________ days. (vs.25)

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But the people did not listen to Caleb and Joshua. They did not have enough faith in God.
So God told them they would have to live in the wilderness for the next Forty Years.
And that is just what happened.