Puzzle 15



7. Helps you find your way.
9. Just __ I am, without one plea.
10. Are you a man? __ a mouse?
11. Comes before SO.
12. Realizing their guilt, Adam and Eve donned these.
13. God made Adam and Eve new clothes out of these.
16. The serpent __ when he told Adam and Eve that they would not die.
18. Goes well with a harp.
19. Upon sinning Adam and Eve realized that they were __. Genesis 3:7
22. If Adam was a trucker he probably would have told his friends about the fall on his __.
24. Banana eater.
25. What the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to do.
27. Eve tempter.
30. Grape locale.
31. Adam should have just said this to Eve.
32. Hither and __.
33. Reason for Adam and EveŐs exile.
34. Had an IOU.
36. 6th sense.
39. Follows DO.
41. If the tree of life was a pine, and Adam chopped it up, he would have gotten covered in this.
43. Curse on Eve involved pain during this.
47. If you step on a dogŐs tail, he does this.
50. To aquire.
52. Was sent by God to protect the garden.
54. A famous boxer.
56. Number of trees forbidden to Adam and Eve.
57. Adam and EveŐs original locale.
58. Serpent loves to do this.
59. Adam came from dust and Eve came from a rib...but due to the fall, both of them would end up as this.

1. God gave man this which made sin possible.
2. Adam may have felt like one of these when he realized what he had done.
3. Fire remnants.
4. After the fall, Adam and EveŐs innocence was __.
5. Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat the __ fruit.
6. Mister.
7. __ was made in GodŐs image.
8. Father.
11. When Adam and Eve realized their nakedness they dressed up in these.
14. Animal cursed by God. Genesis 3:14
15. Adam could not __ God after sinning, so he hid.
17. One of the penalties for sin. Genesis 3:3
20. First to eat the fruit.
23. Another penalty for sin.
26. A lot of weight.
27. Sent by God to protect the garden.
28. A type of bread.
29. Where one might expect to see a pea.
35. A what a tangled this we weave when we let those blasted snakes decieve.
37. An extra note at the bottom of a letter.
38. What goes there, must come down.
40. Cursed by God in Genesis 3:17.
42. One of these a day keeps the Adam and Eve away.
44. __ I am with you always.
45. First lady.
46. If Adam wanted to bulk up so he could pound a serpent he might go to one of these.
48. Youths.
49. A type of wave.
50. Adam and Eve were forced to.
51. Holds your golf ball.
53. When Adam realized that his head was naked he made one of these out of fig leaves.


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